Liquid Level Relay

Potenza Brand relay is an unique level control switch applying the change in the weight of two sinkers in water and on air. The relay, designed for pumping and draining, automatically controls the water pump unit by cutting-in and cutting-off in harmony with the changes in water level.


  • Multi-way mounting devise : a) Relay box is provided with 2 sizes of thrusting adap-for mounting directly on either 3/4" or 1" pipe thread screw couplings. b) "L" shape bracket as provided is for mounting direct to tank wall either horizontally or vertically.
  • Relay box is perfectly seal-up to protect the switch from dust and moisture, ensuring a lasting performance of switch unit.
  • The solid sinkers maintain steady equilibrium in water to assure precise switch control.
  • Relay unit is designed for pumping or draining control. Use terminal A for pumping and B for draining.


  • Rating : 220V 7.5A AC
  • Rating : 110V 15A AC
  • No. of Poles : Single pole double-throw
  • Mechanical Life : 1 millon Snaps
  • Control Range : 0.18-5 meters
  • Tank Pressure : 1 atmosphere


  • To mount relay unit horizontally on top of tank, provide hole large enough for the hanging rope to move freely. When mounting vertically on inside wall of tank, provide enough distance between the wall and the sinkers. Relay unit must be secured firmly on tank.
  • Link 2 sinkers with the attached rope. Control range is adjustable between center of the upper sinker and the center of the lower sinker according to desired controlling level.