Misting Fan


  • No Filter Needed

    Potenza Misting Fans use a revolutionary disc for mist production without the need of nozzle whereby no water-filter is required. Due to the very small orifice of nozzles, usually a 5 or 10 micron filter is installed with high pressure pump system to prevent nozzle clog.

  • Low Usage Cost

    No nozzle needed, no oil change and no filters employed. Potenza Misting Fans usually have no maintenance cost. Just plug in the power socket and with water supply the units start cooling at the lowest cost.

  • No Nozzle

    Unlike traditional misting system. Potenza Misting Fans have no nozzles. The most common problem for high pressure misting system is nozzle clogging due to minerals from water after prolong usage. In many cases nozzles need replacement hence incur additional maintenance cost.

  • No Oil Change

    Potenza Misting Fans don't use a high pressure pump hence no oil is required. Conventional misting pump requires periodical oil change. This will incur additional maintenance cost. Care must be takenensure oil is replaced timely otherwise pump will burn.


Misting Fan